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Our team is a total mix of experienced User Experience Specialists, User Interface Designers & Developers, Software Developers, and Technical Writers with expertise in different domains of technology. Every one of them contributes to the company with their in-depth knowledge, skill and experience in their individual fields. We nurture talent at Tri-More, and individuals are encouraged to be creative and take pride in their achievements and initiatives.

Tri-More's team is recognized as a valuable asset, and the heart of our company, so we acknowledge their unique skills and talents. The team is constantly encouraged to be innovative and creative within the existing constraints, and to come up with winning solutions. Our effervescent team spirit and management expertise combine successfully with resourcefulness and inventiveness, commitment and enthusiasm to work, and a development culture to generate solid and effective software and application results across a wide range of markets (desktop, mobile and tablets).

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Whether you're interested in building our product, joining our team, or buidling our brand, Tri-More is always looking for passionate, creative, and innovative people to join our UI/UX Design Agency. We're seeking talented people who can bring new ideas and inspiration our way. If this sounds like you, let us know!

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We are always looking for creative
talented individuals

We are always looking for talented designers, developers, researchers and area specific User Centered Designers and UI/UX Specialists with expertise in different domains of technology. Our team is a combination of technical and creative innovative and diverse individuals. If you have area specific skills, and want to be a part of a cool team and contribute your creative design and technical skills to our company, we would love to hear from you.

We are able to utilize fulltime, freelancers, and contracted help for each project and/or depending on their location. We recognize that some individuals may be seeking flexible and remote postions, so we are open to qualified technical and creative candidates who can contribute to meeting Tri-More deliverables and project needs. As long as we are all able to work within the existing constraints of our clients to come up with winning solutions, we are happy to offer out these kind of positions.

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